Powering your business with virtualized servers means huge cost-savings

If you’re spending a lot of money on bulky physical servers to meet your company’s growing computing demands, Prosus’ virtualization service offers a more cost-efficient solution.

Virtualization allows you to pool together your server resources into one powerful ‘virtualized’ server. From there, you can distribute resources to other computers connected to your network. This way, you can quickly deploy apps and resources to the users who need them while freeing up office space and reducing operating costs.

The benefits of Prosus’ Virtualization solutions include:

Reduced Costs

Free up office space and save money with fewer servers to power, cool, and maintain

Better App Performance

Virtualized servers give you all the resources you need to run the most demanding apps

Simplified IT Management

Deploy and manage apps and server resources from a centralized console

Streamlined Disaster Recovery

Make virtual copies of your servers and workstations that can be loaded onto another machine in case
disaster strikes

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