Cyber Security and IT Risk Management

Fending off sophisticated cyber threats requires an equally sophisticated
security system

Cyberattacks aren’t just happening more frequently; they’re also becoming increasingly sophisticated. From phishing scams to ransomware attacks, hackers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to compromise your assets. If they’re successful, your business can potentially lose thousands of dollars in downtime, data loss, and noncompliance penalties.

Prosus Cyber Security and IT Risk Management solutions will protect your business from such risks. We start with comprehensive assessments to find weaknesses in your security systems. We’ll then design and implement a robust and customized security plan that ensures your safety against ransomware, computer viruses, and other types of hacker attacks.

FREE Comprehensive Cyber Security Report
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This powerful Free Security Report will verify if your business network has been breached and identify how many users are compromised. Our Security Engineers will scrub the Dark Web to bring to your attention a list of compromised users and their passwords made available on the Internet and uncover security breaches in your business domain. We hire only the best people and our Cyber Security experts have the breadth of knowledge and experience to uncover breaches, fill security holes and implement computer users processes to keep your business network safe and secure.

Our Cyber Security and IT Risk Management solutions protect your business with:

Security Assessments

Our security experts find hackable flaws in your systems to keep you ahead of attackers

Network Protections

Block suspicious network activity with advanced firewalls and intrusion prevention systems

Endpoint Security

Prosus’ antivirus solutions will detect and remove all types of malware on your computers

Identity & Access Management

We implement stringent access restrictions to prevent unauthorized entry and use of your systems and data

Email Security

Protect your inbox from spam and phishing scams with robust email filtering tools

Patch Management

We keep your hardware, software, and security tools up to date to close up any security holes that can lead to a breach

Compliance Management

Advisory services for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC, and other regulations save you from expensive lawsuits and brand damage

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