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Businesses need a competitive edge to stay relevant in today’s market. The Process Oriented Support and Services (Prosus) was created to make that possible.

Founded by Truc Nguyen and Dale Tran, Prosus, Inc. was created with the mission of offering enterprise technology services and support to small- and mid-size businesses at an affordable price. Since then, our goal has been to provide Houston businesses with cutting-edge solutions like Project Service Automation (PSA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to put companies well ahead of the curve.

Our team is also comprised of talented technicians in the Houston area, all of whom have various specialties in multiple areas of IT and business, so you get the comprehensive support your company needs and deserves.

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    No other IT consulting firm in the Houston metro area can match our guaranteed response time, wide range of technical experience, commitment to quality customer service, or our ability to deliver large enterprise technology and security solutions at an affordable small business price.

    Our 15 Minute Guarantee

    We will have a qualified technician working on resolving your IT problem within 15 minutes or less, GUARANTEED. You can submit a service request via email, customer portal or phone and someone will be ready to help you ASAP.

    What We Do

    Managed IT Services Houston

    Tired of managing IT by yourself? Prosus is the Managed IT Services provider you need. Whether you’re dealing with a hardware, software, backup, or security issue, our highly experienced Prosus technicians have got you covered. For a fixed monthly rate, we’ll proactively deploy, optimize, and maintain any technology solution. This means you never have to rely on an undependable and expensive traditional computer companies that provide IT care only when something breaks. Prosus provides round-the-clock, worry-free IT services.


    Cyber Security & IT Risk Management Bellaire

    Cyberattacks aren’t just happening more frequently; they’re also becoming increasingly sophisticated. From phishing scams to ransomware attacks, hackers have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to compromise your assets. If they’re successful, your business can potentially lose thousands of dollars in downtime, data loss, and noncompliance penalties. Prosus Cyber Security and IT Risk Management solutions will protect your business from such risks. We start with comprehensive assessments to find weaknesses in your security systems.


    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Bellaire

    Unexpected events -- whether they be natural disasters, power outages, or cyberattacks -- can occur at any moment, and if you’re operating without a solid business continuity & disaster recovery plan, your business may not survive. Prosus’ Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services offer you the data backups and recovery procedures required to withstand any ordeal. Should a disaster occur, we’ll help you quickly get back up and running to minimize the financial damages caused by downtime and data loss.


    Cloud Computing Bellaire

    The cloud is a revolutionary technology that allows you to access computing resources and software apps with an internet connection. It offers a wide array of benefits, including enhanced productivity, increased business flexibility, and reduced IT expenses. But in order to realize these benefits, you need Prosus. Every aspect of our Cloud Computing service -- from the migration and configuration to the security and ongoing maintenance -- is managed for you for a small fixed price. If your business grows, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll provide you with the apps and resources you need. Prosus takes care of the technical issues so you can focus on your business.


    4 Big Reasons

    Why Businesses in Houston Choose Prosus, Inc.

    NO Long-Term Contracts

    We keep our clients by delivering excellent service, not binding, multi-year contracts that handcuff you to using us.


    NO Nickel-And-Diming Or Fine Print

    Our service agreements aren’t full of weasel clauses and exclusions; you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you can expect – no “gotchas” or hidden fees.


    You’ll Get A Professional Team, Not A “One-Man-Band”

    Many IT businesses only have a few technicians on staff, which means you might be left waiting for hours or even DAYS to get your computer problems resolved because they’re short staffed or too busy trying to serve all their clients.


    15-Minute Guarantee:

    We will have a qualified technician working on resolving your IT problem within 15 minutes or less, GUARANTEED.


    Our Partners

    We're Proud To Partner With The Best Businesses In The Industry.

    See What Other Houston Business Owners Are Saying About Us

    Shane Houser
    Assistant Chief
    Montgomery County Emergency Service District #1

    Prosus, Inc. has tailored their service to assist our needs as a Fire Service Organization. Some support companies offer certain services and will only operate within their contract. As an example, Prosus works with us to identify and trouble shoot any problems that may arise. Some support companies troubleshoot only what they are under contract to. The Prosus team helps to resolve problems not disown them. If you are not satisfied with you current IT service company, evaluate what you are paying for and make sure you are getting quality service."

    Jeff Taylor
    IT Manager
    OTC Global Holdings

    The single biggest benefit Prosus has brought to our team is their depth of knowledge of the Microsoft and Cisco products and their ability to explain to our team why or why not it would be the best choice for our organization. We value the methodology that the Prosus team approaches each problem, remediates then conveys the solution to us. If your organization is on the fence about choosing Prosus, Inc. as your trusted IT Service Partner, call Prosus and request to speak to me. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

    Wayne Kinsey
    Founder/President and CEO
    Benchmark Performance Group

    Prosus, Inc. has the best-trained technical people around who has repeatedly and immediately reacted to our needs. Prosus has been the best IT Company we have ever used. We believe it is because they are a true 24/7 IT Services Company. There is always someone there ready to help with whatever the problem may be at any hour. Above all, Prosus provides the best customer service and response time.


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