Our Clients

William Gomez


We have used Prosus services for a year now and they have helped us with everything from taking our customer calls to building our website and fixing our computers. There is really nothing they won’t do to help us with anything our business needs. Prosus has helped our business grow this year in both revenue and the size. They helped us rnove into our new larger facility, train our technicians and office manager as well as configure everything. They did most of the system and mobile app configurations to save us time so that we can spend our time running our business. They also seamlessly helped us with all jobs from Home Warranty vendors.

Turbo Horne Services, LLC

Danny Wilson

Associate VP Sales

Prosus has provided our organization with more than IT support; we have relied on Prosus for procurement services, vendor management and creating technology business policies and process for our employees. They migrated, designed and built our network seamlessly before we even opened the doors at our new offices. Now established; Prosus monitors and manage our network on a day-to-day basis. Our office finds them to be very courteous and knowledgeable. They eliminate my computer stress because I don’t have to learn new technical jargon — I can just focus on my customers.

Sunita Hydrocollids, Inc.

Shane Houser

Assistant Chief

Prosus, Inc. has tailored their service to assist our needs as a Fire Service Organization. Some support companies offer certain services and will only operate within their contract. As an example, Prosus works with us to identify and trouble shoot any problems that may arise. Some support companies troubleshoot only what they are under contract to. The Prosus team helps to resolve problems not disown them. If you are not satisfied with you current IT service company, evaluate what you are paying for and make sure you are getting quality service.”

Montgomery County Emergency Service District #1


Greg Roberts


We were highly skeptical with Prosus because our company caters to both Commercial and Residential clients. We were not convinced any single company could take over the reins and manage both Commercial and Residential calls effectively. Now we are kicking ourselves for not working with Prosus sooner. The single most important thing we value is time. Prosus has cut the cord from our ears and has successfully taken on all Commercial and Residential cells for our company. They manage all of our Commercial accounts, hardware vendors, warranties, and CC authorizations for our technician purchases and that is just the tip of the iceberg. We spent very little time dealing with any system configurations or setup. Their team managed all system configuration and setup so that we are able to get to work instead of reading manuals and learning to configure systems as we did in the past to get it to a working state. We look forward to continue to grow our business with Prosus.

Cool Breeze Services


Brigette Jones

Chief Financial Officer

I have worked with many different IT firms in the past, both internal and outsourced. One of the things I feel that Prosus, Inc. does better than other IT firms I have worked with in the past is that, Prosus does an excellent job of identifying problems quickly and solving them. Prosus is led by a very conscientious, professional individual who is extremely knowledgeable in the field of IT. Most IT companies will tell you that they are very knowledgeable and sometimes it is not entirely true. Truc and the team at Prosus actually delivers.

Prosus, Inc. is a firm that I would trust with all of my IT needs. They understand the importance of customer service and always makes us feel like we are their most important customer. Truc and his team are experts in the IT field and have always been able to handle any issue that has come up with our business. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

BRC Recovery

David Schultz

IT Manager

I would like to express my professional satisfaction for a job very well done! There were a number of components involved and each of you rose to the challenge to resolve each and every one.

I, management at AB (Anslow Bryant), and all the users, have been very pleased with the transitional ease they experienced post-implementation. All of our project goals were met and completed to a high level of satisfaction.

We are very pleased to have partnered with Prosus, Inc. for such an important and highly-visible project.

Anslow Bryant Construction LTD

Jeff Taylor

IT Manager

The single biggest benefit Prosus has brought to our team is their depth of knowledge of the Microsoft and Cisco products and their ability to explain to our team why or why not it would be the best choice for our organization. We value the methodology that the Prosus team approaches each problem, remediates then conveys the solution to us. If your organization is on the fence about choosing Prosus, Inc. as your trusted IT Service Partner, call Prosus and request to speak to me. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

OTC Global Holdings

Francis Steele


I cannot be any happier with how smooth Prosus has helped make our business run. We are now organized down to the last job, our technicians now receive all of their jobs through their mobile app. We can collect credit card and check payments onsite from cell phones. All of our calls are answered professionally and recorded for my review. My technicians .The Prosus call center for help, support and credit card authorizations for purchases at Lowes and Home Depot. Before Prosus we were with a more expensive platform and I had to read all of the manuals and learn how to configure the system myself. With Prosus, they configured everything for us, all we had to do is show up for training. They literally setup and organized my business within the first 30 days and we have never looked back.

AirTherm Service Company

Ric Giebels

Law Enforcement Professional

I can only say good things about Truc. I know him to be customer-focused, have sound technical skills and a superior work ethic. We tackled many challenging issues together. His effort and knowledge was instrumental to our success. I have seen first-hand Truc’s dedication to taking care of his clients. To his credit, he is equally comfortable and effective communicating with end users and executives alike. I count myself fortunate to have met Truc and count him among my friends. I gladly recommend his services.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Wayne Kinsey

Founder/President and CEO

Prosus, Inc. has the best-trained technical people around who has repeatedly and immediately reacted to our needs. Prosus has been the best IT Company we have ever used. We believe it is because they are a true 24/7 IT Services Company. There is always someone there ready to help with whatever the problem may be at any hour. Above all, Prosus provides the best customer service and response time.

Benchmark Performance Group

Clyde Tennyson


We no longer lose any calls and our customers no longer wait for a return cell. One of the best things about Prosus is that our company has leveraged their speed and efficiency to cater to our customers. Our customers are processed quicker, with a standard of professionalism and satisfaction our customers has grown accustom to over the 40+ years Tennyson AC & Refrigeration has been in business. The Prosus cell center is more than just an answering service; they are our back office administrators. They assist with everything from taking customer and our technician calls, follow up and confirmation calls to our customers, build and integrate their systems and mobile app to synchronize with our Quick Books. I highly recommend working with Prosus, they do all of the heavy lifting and give you all the tools you need to grow and succeed.

Tennyson AC, Refrigeration

Matt Battle

Director of Operations

In my experience, the one thing Prosus does better than other IT firms we have used in the past is that the Prosus team maintains a personal touch and sees issues through to resolution every time. Prosus has highly experienced and tech savvy professionals that will work tirelessly to help your company grow by providing seamless IT that you don’t have to worry about!

BRC Recovery

Dang Pham


We have realized significant improvements in our operations since moving to the Prosus hosted voice service. We could not be more pleased with the money Prosus saved us. We are now paying less for our new enterprise phone system and enjoy more enterprise features. The decision to move forward with Prosus as our managed IT services provider is one of the best decisions we have made and look forward to a long term, prosperous partnership.

Tire Town

Rachel Nguyen

Office Manager

Prosus has the most responsive technicians I have ever worked with. They have always proved knowledgeable and dependable. When we call in with a problem, in most cases we are notified in less than 10 minutes that our issue has been assigned to a helpdesk professional and working on our problem. They can log in and fix my PC remotely, and the problem is solved quickly. They have taken over the tedious work with our practice management software vendor and our internet provider, I haven’t had to spend hours on the phone with any vendors since Prosus has started managing our IT. We know they are working with us on our business and we appreciate all that they do for us.

Eye Needs

Dr. Quoc Nguyen


Our old phone system didn’t provide the tools necessary to allow us manage our client communication properly. And although it was a huge undertaking to change all of our phones, faxes and Internet at all of our locations. The installation went flawlessly because the Prosus team worked after hours so not to disrupt our service during business hours. The new system provides us with enterprise features we needed to convey a professional practice that aligns with our business. When something as important as communication is in question, a prompt response is a necessity. The staff at Prosus has always been there when we need them.

Lift Pain Center

Dr. Rohit Narayan


Prosus, Inc. has handled our voice and network, heading into the second year we are accustomed to treat Prosus as if they are our own IT department. If we call in an emergency, we know they will fix the problem promptly and follow up to explain to me or my staff the cause of the issue. Prosus has saved our practice money and knowing I have access to a fully staffed IT department at my disposal — there is no need to call multiple vendors for service.

Dental Zone

Ronald Amaya


Prosus has provided our team with the automation and support we needed grow our business.  Their service delivery model really does manage our customers from end to end.  Their call center answers all of our calls, creates service tickets, assigns and schedules our technicians and frees up our time to truly manage and grow our business.  They have become a single point of contact for our customers as well as for our technicians to call and ask for questions and support.  If you are looking to organize your business, leverage technology to be more efficient or free up your time from taking calls… I highly recommend calling Prosus and ask them about their 90-day trial service period.

Punbar Air

Anil Verma


Our company became a Prosus client early in 2018 and we’ve been extremely impressed with their IT services. They have done everything from helping us with wireless infrastructure; streamline our internal processes to procurement and recommended cost effective business technologies. Not only do their consultants do an excellent job with ongoing IT maintenance and support, they’ve also been great about suggesting ways to improve our structure and system security and backup. When it comes to IT support, Prosus really offers a pro-active and complete solution.

Avalon Management Group

Samantha Tran


We were so pleased with Prosus for the work performed and assistance in implementing IT and voice services for one of our existing companies (Arch Dental), that when it came time to break ground on a new business venture we reached out to a partner we can trust. Whether you own and manage a dental practice or a beauty bar, Prosus has proven they can help any business.

Empress Beauty Bar, Arch Dental

James Wright, PE

Consulting PLLC

I have every confidence in Prosus, Inc’s abilities and would readily recommend hiring Prosus for IT support and services. Having worked with Prosus extensively in the past and having considerable personal experience myself engaging ED tech services [Halliburton Law Dept, etc], I would not hesitate to recommend Prosus for such for my clients when the need arises.

James Wright Consulting PLLC

E. Daniel Leightman


We are thoroughly impressed with Prosus, Inc. We realized first hand their fast response, customer service and the willingness to go the extra mile for us. The one thing we feel differentiates Prosus from other IT providers is that they take the time to have a deep knowledge of our computer system. Prosus has assisted my legal practice, both at my office as well at my home, with our cell phones, copiers, printers, computers, cables/wiring, and wireless network. Prosus genuinely cares about my legal practice and has the technical expertise to resolve technical issues quickly.

LeightMan Tax Law

Johnny Nguyen, Esq.

Johnny Nguyen & Associates

The staff and technicians at Prosus, Inc. are great! Whether it is an order, repair or crisis situation, they are always there to help and continuously prove to do so in a timely—and very knowledgeable—manner. Prosus provides high level CIO services and provided recommendations on bringing our PC Law server in house and successfully designed and rebuilt our infrastructure from the ground up, providing our legal practice with more stability, security and room to grow.

Johnny Nguyen Law