Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Smart businesses prepare for every eventuality

Smart businesses prepare for every eventuality
Unexpected events whether they be natural disasters, power outages, or cyberattacks can occur at any moment, and if you’re operating without a solid business continuity & disaster recovery plan, your business may not survive.

Prosus’ Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services offer you the data backups and recovery procedures required to withstand any ordeal. Should a disaster occur, we’ll help you quickly get back up and running to minimize the financial damages caused by downtime and data loss.

With our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services, you get:

Risk Assessments

Our security experts find hackable flaws in your systems to keep you ahead of attackers

Emergency Support

Block suspicious network activity with advanced firewalls and intrusion prevention systems

Cloud Backup

Prosus’ antivirus solutions will detect and remove all types of malware on your computers

Recovery Procedures

We implement stringent access restrictions to prevent unauthorized entry and use of your systems and data

DR Testing

Protect your inbox from spam and phishing scams with robust email filtering tools

Give us a call and we’ll customize a recovery plan that suits your business